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Etsy Seller: Rebecca’s Reusables Cloth Pad Review

February 27, 2014

Made In the US, Rebecca’s reusables are sold via etsy store

The pads she sells are a standard 2.5″ wide though they all come with an extra snap, and they come in 8″ liners 9″ regulars and 10″ supers, although if you custom order she is happy to put higher absorbency into shorter pads or vice versa. I decided to try these out due to them being topped in suedecloth which I had preiviously enjoyed with my terrapads and the pad design looked like it would suit me better. She has very few ready to ship items on her etsy store so chances are you will be doing a custom order as I did, but don’t worry she took less than a week to make and ship each of my two separate orders so turnaround time is fast and there are plenty of fabric choices on her Facebook page which is linked on her etsy. You are able to choose the suedecloth colour you want and the cotton print for the wings, as far as I’m aware she uses plain black anti pill fleece for all her pads. Rebecca was lovely to work with on my order and kept me updated on their progress making sure I was happy with how the fabrics suited each other etc which it found very helpful I really can’t fault her customer service! My first order with Rebecca was one 10″ super, one 9″ regular, one 8″ liner, and one 8″ ultra thin liner, so essentially I got one of each standard size and absorbency that she does.

The super has a top layer of suedecloth, 2 absorbent layers of zorb a layer of flat cotton or flannel and an anti pill fleece backing for water resistance.
The regular has a top layer of suedecloth, one absorbent layer of zorb, a layer of flat cotton or flannel, and a backing of and pul fleece for water resistance.
The liner has a top layer of flannel a core of flannel and an antil pill fleece backing for water resistance.
The ultra thin liner has a top layer of cotton and a bottom layer of flannel.
The pads themselves were very comfy, I found the super absorbency pad felt very secure and had a slightly cushiony feel which was nice when chilling out at home and not too bulky to wear out of the house. The regular was thinner and less noticeable while wearing I really liked both though. I’m in love with suedecloth at the moment its really soft without being sweaty and it has much less risk of staining than cotton or flannel as it’s synthetic.


I always do a ‘water test’ on my pads after washing them, I use my small Lunette menstrual cup (approx 20 ml capacity) and count how many cups the pad can take, I do this over the course of 10 minutes so pads with a core that is not a ‘fast’ absorbent core are likely to get a lower score in this test but may in fact hold more if left longer. I pour the water from a full small Lunette cup over the length of the pad, let it settle, then check the underneath and sides for leaks, the heavy pads could take 6 cups worth of water before leaking and the regular could take 4, both tops remained fairly dry until thee last cup or two which is very good going. For reference I do the same test on an overnight Always disposable pad, this pad can take 5 cups worth before leaking.

Overall these are great looking pads, absorbent, comfy and stain resistant, and the customer service was brilliant, will definitely be ordering again!

photo 3 (1) Bought these two 9 inch heavy pads after writing half of this review, really love them!


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