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Etsy Seller: Figleaves Cloth Pad Review

September 18, 2013


Made in the US by a lovely lady who’s youtube videos really helped me when I was first looking into cloth ( her name on youtube is cake fate ). These pads are usually topped in cotton though I think she sometimes has flannel topped pads, the core is of cotton flannel though I don’t know how many layers in each absorbency as it doesn’t specify on her shop, her pads are backed with water resistant fleece of varying colours, the close with snap which are sometimes in the shape of a star or heart as well as the usual round.

I bought 2, seven inch light pads which I use as cup back ups and 2, ten inch heavy pads. The prints are gorgeous and the cotton feels really soft and good quality, I’ve had no pilling with these either and the have not shrunk or warped in the wash.

photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (3)


These pads are super thin an flexible, this means they can be worn under tight clothing without them being visible through the clothes. They also move with your body and would be comfy for active people who move around a lot during the day (or night). Unfortunately these don’t quite fit me perfectly as they are 2.5 inches across the gusset regardless of length and I only seem to be able to wear this width witgout it bunching if the pads have more of a contour, like popples pads, or pads that are a bit thicker and less flexible, like terrapads. So they do bunch a little for me although I may add an extra snap to make it narrower for my comfort. Regardless of this one issue I have I still wear these regularly especially the liners, and I have no other criticisms of these pads, they are good quality, slim, cool in the summer, breathable, and the customer service is exemplary! the lady who makes the pads answered all of my silly questions and was very friendly and genuine.

I always do a ‘water test’ on my pads after washing them, I use my small Lunette menstrual cup (approx 20 ml capacity) and count how many cups the pad can take, I do this over the course of 10 minutes so pads with a core that is not a ‘fast’ absorbent core are likely to get a lower score in this test but may in fact hold more if left longer. I pour the water from a full small Lunette cup over the length of the pad, let it settle, then check the underneath and sides for leaks, these medium to heavy pads could take about 3 and a half cups before they started to leak, which considering their inner layers are of flannel and they are so thin its actually really good. For reference I did the same with an overnight Always disposable pad, it could hold 5 cups.

oveall I would recommend these pads to anyone who wore fees slimmer, more breathable cloth pads in really cute prints!

One Comment
  1. Marie permalink

    Liked the look of these but shipping price was a bit more than I would like to pay, especially since placing a few orders already with other sellers 😦

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