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Etsy Seller: C-pop commodities ( Popples ) cloth pad review 2013

July 28, 2013


A very popular Etsy shop, made in the US these pads have a unique design in terms of their shape, the shop stocks 3 sizes, 7 inch, 9 inch, and 11 inch long pads. And 2 absorbencies light to regular, which is 2 layers of flannel for the core, and regular to heavy, which is 3 layers of flannel for the core. They are all topped with quilters cotton and backed with anti pill fleece.

 7 inch pads

photo 1 (1)


9 inch pads20131212-121527.jpg

11 inch pads



I was initially drawn to these pads because of the unique shape and the good reviews of the brand on you tube, the prints were what sealed the deal. The quilters cotton she uses is very good quality and stays soft and flexible, the backing fleece does pill a little but it doesn’t affect function so it doesn’t bother me. Flannel core pads aren’t the most absorbent pads and they aren’t great if you’re a ‘gusher’ because they don’t absorb quickly like bamboo or zorb. However they are good for regular flow times or if you aren’t a gusher on your heavy days ( I am so can only wear these on regular or light days) and they are very comfortable. The tab wings give the pad more structure than triangle shaped wings and help the pad sit flat in the underwear without bunching. The absorbent core does not fill the flares and only extends to the oval top stitching which doesn’t bother me as I bleed straight down rather than to the sides or the back so the extra material is more of a just in case kind of thing for me, but some women might be disappointed by this. I enjoy wearing these pads even when I’m not on my period, they make me feel comfortable in an odd kind of way!

I always do a ‘water test’ on my pads after washing them, I use my small Lunette menstrual cup (approx 20 ml capacity) and count how many cups the pad can take, I do this over the course of 10 minutes so pads with a core that is not a ‘fast’ absorbent core are likely to get a lower score in this test but may in fact hold more if left longer. I pour the water from a full small Lunette cup over the length of the pad, let it settle, then check the underneath and sides for leaks, the 9 inch pad could take about 3 cups before they started to leak, which is good for a flannel core pad. For reference I did the same with an overnight Always disposable pad, it could hold 5 cups.

My favourite things about these pads are the prints are usually really fun, the pads are really slim, the stitch work is really well done and also the price is very good.

My only issue would be that the flares do sometimes chafe me a bit if you’re having to be on your feet all day, so they’re a bit wide in that respect but would be fine otherwise.

Overall I love these pads and have a bunch more headed my way from Etsy, I’m also hoping to do a giveaway of one of these pads in the near future!


One Comment
  1. Marie permalink

    Aww closed for Xmas so unable to check them out to gauge prices etc. From looking at your photos I agree with your comment that they might be too wide at the flared end for the more petite person. But still worth a window shop lol

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