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Things you should consider when buying cloth pads

June 29, 2013

As far as I’m concerned there are 5 main factors that people base their decisions of which cloth pads to buy on;

1. Absorbency: always going to be important no one wants to get an unexpected leak, its usually the core fabric which which dictates this so make sure to research into what might suit you best.

2. Comfort: this can range from the fabrics used to the width of the pad being right to it not bunching in your underwear.

3. Size: some people prefer a shorter pad with a high absorbency and some may like a long overnight liner we’re all different.

4. Print options: not something that’s essential but it does brighten up that time of the month just that little bit more.

5. Cost: building up a stash can be expensive and no one wants to be paying a ton for something that’s meant to be saving you money anyway.

Some things that people might also want to think about when buying cloth pads are;

1. Durability: you want these pads to last a while so you should be aware of which fabric wear the quickest and which last for years.

2. Shipping cost: it sound obvious but shipping adds up especially if you live in the UK or Europe and you’re ordering from Etsy most of the shop owners are from the US or Canada so the postage is understandably high and the extra for extra items can sometimes be just as high so watch out for it.

3. Top stitching: The top stitching on a pad can be the difference between a leaky but otherwise well made pad and an awesome pad. Good top stitching will keep your flow centralised and make the most of your pads absorbency before it gets to the point of leaking.

4. Wings: the length, size, and style of the wings can dictate how well the pad fits your underwear, how much it moves around, how much the pad bunches up, how thick the pad feels, and how comfy it is overall. If the wings are too wide this can often cause the pad to bunch especially especially if its made from thicker fabrics but if the wings are too slim the pad is likely to move around in your underwear.

Understanding the different fabrics and how they work is key to making the right decision for you, It’s something I plan to write about fairly soon.

One Comment
  1. Marie permalink

    Really good tips 🙂 Especially with initial outlay not being cheap as not many sellers offer discounts and buying from overseas sellers can considerably bump up the price. You may end up paying more for shipping than for the pad itself which defeats the purpose of saving money and adds to your carbon footprint 😦 But words only say so much and its ultimately down to personal preference from trying different kinds so yes, buying a couple from a few different sellers is a good idea 🙂

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