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Fleurcup Review 2013

May 17, 2013


Made in France from medical grade silicone, the Fleurcup comes in a variety of colours including pink, red, violet and clear, they have similar capacitiy to the Lunette and are a very good price.

The small Fleurcups dimensions are: 41 mm diameter, 47 mm in length, total capacity of 25 ml, capacity up to the holes 20 ml

The large Fleurcups dimensions are: 46 mm diameter, 52 mm in length, total capacity of 35 ml, capacity up to the holes 29 ml


(Above: Small red Fleurcup)


(Above: Small and large red Fleurcups)

I bought both the mall and the large size Fleurcups because they were having a sale (I got both cup plus postage for just 30 euros!) and I also heard that the large cup was a favorite among childless under 30s with a heavy flow, so I thought I’d try it for size! Luckily it fit s I now finally have a high capacity cup for my heavier days 🙂photo 2 (8)

The silicone of this cup is smooth inside and out, it also feels quite thick and durable, good quality overall. The cup doesn’t have a defined rim like the Meluna or the Lunette it just flares out similar to the Sckoon cup. I found that this really helps it pop open, the holes are quite unusual, there are 4 but they are grouped in pairs on opposite sides of the cup and are angled, somehow this seems to improve suction because I usually have to wiggle my cup around for a bit to get a seal but Fleurcup did it straight away, no hassle. The body of the cup is more or less the same stiffness all the way down, I would say the stiffness is comparable to the Lunette but slightly softer. I know other reviews have said its really super soft but my ones don’t feel noticeably that nuch softer to me. Having the same stiffness down the length if the body means that breaking the seal was easier too, when you pinch the bottom it jnstantly releses most of the suction, there was no dragging suction like the sckoon cup. There and three grip rings at the base of the cup with broken lines to help with removal, and a tab stem with grip rings also. The tab stem is less flexible than the Lunette which I like because I pull on the tab to ensure that a seal has been formed and ts easier to tell if the stem isn’t really stretchy.

My favorite things about this cup are pretty much everything! The price is great, the colours are lovely, the silicone feels high quality and durable (the company say that with proper care the cup can last around 10 years), it pops open easily, it forms a seal wit no hassle, removal is easy, both sizes can be used by anyone of any age regardless of whether they’ve given birth (vaginally), it’s just great and as much as I love my Lunette and the company and philosophy I think it’s going to end up being a backup cup to the Fleurcup.

The only thing I can think of that I don’t like is the grip rings on the stem are more raised than I need them to be and just end up irritating my skin, I have heard of people filing them down so I might do that and see if it feels better.

Overall a great cup and my new favorite, and excellent cup for beginners too.

Fleurcup can be bought at I am not aware of any other companies that stock them.

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