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Eco Rainbow Pads Review 2013

May 6, 2013


Eco Rainbow Pads are made in the UK, the seller started off on etsy and still has an etsy shop but is also sold by and

The below photo is of my dark blue/purple minky 11 inch overnight pad, and my pink bamboo velour 10 inch heavy pad.


Eco rainbow pads use a topping of either minky or hand dyed bamboo velour, an absorbent core of zorb and a backing of water resistant windpro fleece. They have 4 different sizes

Pantyliner/mini pad: 7.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, 1 layer of zorb.

Regular pad: 8.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, 1 layer of zorb.

Heavy pad: 10 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, 2 layers of zorb.

Night pad: 11 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, 2 layers of zorb, and an added layer of pro care for waterproofing.

They have more of a maxi pad shape to them than some of my other cloth pads which might be comforting to a beginner, although personally my favorite shape is the contour design. The triangle wings make the pad less bulky underneath, the materials are very high quality and the pads are very good value. I really like the soft fabrics and how absorbent they are, and the pricing is crazy cheap, my 10 inch heavy pad only cost me £6.00 and £1.50 postage from her etsy shop!

photo 4 (5)

They are a little on the thick side but they are heavy pads and they are backed with fleece which always bulks up pads. Also being petite for day pads I prefer a width no wider than 2.5 inches, these being even a quarter inch wider makes them a little uncomfortable for me but this is just person preference, I know many women prefer a wider coverage so these pads would be great for them.

I always do a ‘water test’ on my pads after washing them, I use my small Lunette menstrual cup (approx 20 ml capacity) and count how many cups the pad can take, I do this over the course of 10 minutes so pads with a core that is not a ‘fast’ absorbent core are likely to get a lower score in this test but may in fact hold more if left longer. I pour the water from a full small Lunette cup over the length of the pad, let it settle, then check the underneath and sides for leaks, these pads took 4 cups worth of water before leaking which is pretty good going. For reference I do this test on an overnight Always disposable pad which can hold 5 cups worth.

Overall, good quality, absorbent, good value, just an little too wide for me though.


i bought 2 OBV  topped regular pads from eco rainbow and I love them! They’re much less bulky than the heavy pads as they have only 1 layer zorb but still hold 3-4 lunette cups of water and are really soft and comfy, they could do with an extra popper on the wings for me as they hang down a bit but I may sew a button on there or something to remedy that myself.



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  1. Marie permalink

    Great review as always so when I placed my 2nd order for cloth san pro (6 items via Luxury Moon) it included 1 ER Butterfly Minky Mini Pad. Ordered Sunday evening, shipped Monday and arrived Tuesday (only order to arrive so far lol) so VERY quick delivery 🙂 Now just waiting to try it out 😀

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