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Sckoon menstrual cup review 2013

April 29, 2013



I recently bought one of the new Sckoon cups in ‘meditation’ (dark blue) colour. Sckoon, an American company, are already a well established retailer of their own cloth menstrual pads, I haven’t tried the pads myself so can’t comment on how well they perform.The sckoon cup comes in 2 different sizes, one for before birth or the age of thirty and one for after vaginal birth or the age of thirty. The small size is 40 mm in diameter, 40 mm in length, has a 30 mm trimable stem and a capacity of 23 ml. The large size is 45 mm in diameter, 50 mm in length, has a 20 mm trimable stem, and a capacity of 30ml. They have a very high capacity for their size probably due to the unique holes and the rounded bottom.


The Sckoon menstrual cup is very different to any other cup I’ve tried, it has 5 holes which are almost vertical giving it the highest possible capacity for it’s size, the silicone is molded in one complete piece instead of two separates then fused together as most cups are, this means there is no seam where two halves meet which can irritate some people though I have never had this problem.  The silicone feels like squidgier and more jelly like than my other silicone cups. It has no pronounced rim but just flares out, the silicone is quite thick around the top which helps it pop open, the silicone is considerably thinner around the lower half, thinner than any other cup i have which is probably the reason for it’s estimated lifespan of just 2 years as apposed to most cup manufacturers who’s cups are more likely to last 5 – 10 years.


Its a beautiful colour, really deep blue, it comes with a sturdy cotton bag which is quite roomy and not overtly girly which is a plus for me. There was a basic fold out sheet of instructions with it also.

photo 5 (2)

The stem is quite long but very flexible and squidgy so it doesn’t irritate, it also has raised grips at the base in the shape of a flower to help with removal.

My favorite tings about this cup are; the silicone is so soft that, despite getting the larger size which i don’t technically qualify for, i couldn’t feel it at all, it was very comfy. Great capacity for the size, i bought the larger size to wear at night so I don’t have to get up at 2 am to empty, and it works fines, no leaks at all even on the heaviest night. The colour is really nice and vibrant too and the bag that came with it was a good design and felt like high quality material.

My least favorite things about this are; the cost is at the higher end at £24.99 plus postage so is a bit of a risk if you’re not sure it’ll fit you. The soft silicone does make it more comfortable but it also makes removal quite difficult as pinching the bottom doesn’t seem to be enough to beak the seal so I ended up having to just pull it out suction and all until i could reach the rim which was quite uncomfortable. Their social media sites don’t seem to be quite as geared towards emotional well being and self acceptance as say Mooncup UK or Lunette who often post articles about women’s independence, charities to provide reusable menstrual products in Africa, or promoting healthy body image in teen girls. Instead my friend who follows Sckoon cup on facebook had this image come up on her feed posted by them


with the words “tighten your tush in just 30 minutes a day” with a link to a web page which tells you how to spend 30 minutes of your day exercising not for your health (these are not the kind of exercises that will make you healthy or fit) but purely to make your butt cheeks look a certain way.

So overall the cup does work well and if it sounds right for you then go for it but if you want a menstrual cup community that are interested women’s health and issues (I don’t consider the desire to make your arse look a certain way as an ‘issue”) then try the Mooncup UK, Lunette, or Feminine Wear facebook pages or twitter feeds. (I haven’t looked into the social media sites of the other products I’ve reviewed on here so am unable to comment on their suitability).

Sckoon cup can be bought in the UK at i dont belive there are any other UK suppliers and ordering from the  American website or amazon is far more expensive. however if you’re in the US or Canada you could order directly at


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  1. Thank you very much for the great review and we are glad that you like many of SckoonCup’s features. Regarding social media, you point is well taken. Our social media person who posted that particular post was new and not quite familiar with Sckoon’s philosophy; our mission is to provide well-designed, highly functional products that make our customers’ lives easier, healthier, greener and more enjoyable. We aim to provide organic products with high style. Sckoon continues to grow by adding innovative product lines to our original organic baby clothes.

    Once again thank you for your review. It would be appreciated if you could make a link to

  2. I have been surfing online greater than three hours lately, but I never discovered any interesting article like yours. It is beautiful price enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the internet will be much more helpful than ever before.

    • Thank you! I’m glad to have helped, I try and give as much information as possible and not be too biased though obviously I have my own personal preferences. If you need extra info on anything specific feel free to ask 🙂

  3. Liz permalink

    I’ve just received my Sckooncup and I love it. It does state on their website that it will last several years – it’s the US FDA (Federal Drug Administration aka government) that recommends replacing all menstrual cups every 2 years. It seems extremely well made and high quality, so I have high hopes that it will certainly last more than 2 years. It is the most comfortable one I’ve ever tried, and being a shorter cup, works great with my low cervix. Thanks for your review )

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