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Little Gumnut Cloth Pad review 2013

April 29, 2013


Love these pads! They are made in the UK, and are all the same basic construction; one top layer of minky/minkee or organic bamboo velour an absorbent core of one layer of zorb, and a water resistant backing of windpro fleece.

First off minky/minkee is a synthetic fabric often used for small children’s toys because it is so soft and stain resistant, these qualities are excellent for menstrual pad users who hate staining! Personally I find minky a bit to warm and because it is synthetic it does’t breathe as well as the bamboo velour, i think the bamboo velour is also lower pile so has less of a ‘fluffy’ feel to it but it depends what you like really, this is just my personal preference. Bamboo velour is very absorbent because as with any piled topper fabric it is more able to ‘grab’ the moisture and absorb it as there is more surface area than cotton or flannel. Bamboo velour also has anti bacterial/antifungal properties which is a nice bonus, I find it can get a little stiff or rough with time, maybe depending on what kind of wash treatment you use, but its still quit velvety and I really like it even on warm days. Zorb is a man made fabric which is anti-allergy and was originally designed for cloth nappies, zorb spreads moisture throughout the fabric evenly and absorbs at least 3 times more than bamboo or hemp and at least 5 times more than cotton. I find that Zorb absorbs quicker than any other core fabric so would be good for someone who gets sudden ‘splurges’ or is a particularly ‘fast’ bleeder. Windpro fleece is high quality polyester fleece which is naturally water resistant while being very breathable. So in terms of fabrics these pads may not be made of the most eco friendly materials but they are very functional.


They come in several sizes:

Pantyliner; 7 inches long and 1.7 inches wide.

Day pad; 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Heavy pad; 11 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.

Night pad; 13 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Super/postpartum pad; 15 inches long and 3 inches wide.

The bamboo velour tops are hand dyed in  a variety of funky colours and I have never had any problems with staining for these, it also keeps you feeling fairly dry. The fabrics used are really thin, this makes the pads slimmer or at least as slim as regular disposables and they hold much more, I can wear the regular pads (the heavy ones are a bit too long) with skinny jeans and not feel self conscious, they stay where you put them, and don’t bulk up in weird places or crinkle when you move, or peel over and stick to your body! The contour shape is very comfortable and minimises chaffing and the fact that the top fabric does not extend over the wings reduces chances of overflow onto the wings and makes the wings more flexible and less bulky overall, this feels much more comfortable for me and i think it reduces the chances of the pad bunching up like so many other pads do. I’ve tested these against my other pads and they are definately in the top 3 for absorbency and number tied (with jimmy riddles) for first in comfort! if you’re petite the contour shape really does make a difference, this pad doesn’t bunch or arch it conforms to your body shape and gives you coverage where you need it most. They are on the pricier end of the scale at between £7.00 and £8.00 for a regular size pad but it is worth the money they are very proffessionally made and do their job brilliantly.

I always do a ‘water test’ on my pads after washing them, I use my small Lunette menstrual cup (approx 20 ml capacity) and count how many cups the pad can take, I do this over the course of 10 minutes so pads with a core that is not a ‘fast’ absorbent core are likely to get a lower score in this test but may in fact hold more if left longer. I pour the water from a full small Lunette cup over the length of the pad, let it settle, then check the underneath and sides for leaks, the regular size Little Gumnut could take a full 4 cups before they started to leak! For reference I did the same with an overnight Always disposable pad, it could hold 5 cups so not bad going for a regular size pad.

The only thing I can think of that could make it better would be the option of a cotton topping but that’s just my personal preference. They are available from their own website also from these UK suppliers and

Below are my three Little Gumnut pads, two regular 9 inch pads and one heavy 11 inch pad in the middle.

photo 4 (3)

The photo below shows how thin the pads are.

photo 1 (2)

9 inch pad with wings snapped back

photo 4 (3)


A 9 inch and 7 inch


photo (2)


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  1. Marie permalink

    Following your review these are now on my “wish list”. Think I have spent enough at the moment lol

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