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Lunette menstrual cup review 2013

April 25, 2013





















Lunette cup is made in Finland from medical grade silicone. They come in several colour as well as clear, and are delivered in an attractive box with a silk feel pouch and well explained instructions in several languages. They come in two sizes, the smaller size is for women under 30 or who have not given birth 41mm in diameter and 47 mm in length without the stem, it’s capacity is 21ml to the holes, 25 ml making it one of the highest capacity cups for its size. The larger size is for woman over 30 or have given birth vaginally 46 mm in diameter and 52 mm in length without the stem, the capacity is 27 ml to the holes 30ml in total. Lunette also say that under 30s who have never given birth I should be able to use the larger size if they have a heavy flow.


I tried both as I am under 30 and have never given birth but have a heavy flow on the first day or 2. I found the small size really comfy and was just the right width to length ratio. Unfortunately the large size was too large and gave me bad cramps in the lower back and abdomin, so heavy flow or not it is clearly just a bit too wide for me 😦

However both are very well made and the company campaigns for women’s issues and awareness, Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries that just seem to be decades ahead of us in the UK for these kinds of social/cultural issues.

The cup itself has a fairly small rim, slightly less pronounced than the meluna’s, but more rounded. There are 4 2mm air holes just under the rim giving maximum usable capacity, just under this is the brand name “lunette” and on the other side “made in Finland” in light relief these are very easy to clean no blood ever really gathers here. The main body of the cup is smooth inside and out, with no markers patters or measuring lines, keeping it easy to clean with no place for blood to get trapped. The main body of the cup is only slightly less stiff than the rim, this ensures that once inside the body is not so easily squashed and will therefore retain a shape with the best possible volume. There are three grip rings towards the base which are helpful during removal, the base is more pointed to the bottom than the meluna, more similar to the UK mooncup, I find this makes the cup less noticeable especially for ladies with a low cervix who are likely to find a more tapered end less irritating while it is closer to the more sensitive lower part of the vagina. The stem is what’s called a tab stem, it is not a hollow tube, it is flat and flexible with grip rings down the length, as with most stems it can be trimmed to a length you find comfortable.

My favourite things about the Lunette; the width is very unobtrusive, the fit seems perfect for me, the capacity is great for such a small cup, it popped open really easily, it had just the right amount of suction, the tab stem is much more comfy than the stiff hollow one on the UK mooncup which I found jabbed me occasionally, the company is very reputable, and it comes in a range of colours!

The only bad point I can think of for this cup is that the larger size didn’t work for me but Im sure there are plenty of childless under 30s it did work for so its not really fair for me to put a downer on what is otherwise a really great brand just because of that.

Overall this is my favourite cup so far and meets my needs almost completely!

It’s available from these UK suppliers and or direct from their website


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