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Lunapads Review 2013

April 21, 2013


Luna pads are originally made in Canada and have a fairly unique design. They have one base pad which can be used as a pantyliner and then they have two ricrac bands across the width of the pad so you can insert extra liners to the absorbency you need.


Pantyliners: the difference between these and the normal pads is that they have not got ric rac bands so you cannot add any inserts to increase absorbency. The pantyliners also do not have a waterproof layer of nylon to protect from leaks. The basic construction of the pantyliners consists of; a top layer of 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, and the base and wings made of 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel. The use of all cotton materials makes them feel much closer to regular underwear than pads is wing other materials, cotton is also a lot more breathable.

They come in several different sizes, all are about 2.5″ wide:

Thong pantyliner at 6″ long

Teeny pantyliner at 6″ long

Mini pantyliner at 8″ long

Long pantyliner at 12″ long

Mini pad at 8″ long

Maxi pad at 10″ long

Long pad at 12″ long

Night pad at 14″ long

They also do a postpartum pad which us flared at both ends and the inserts for it are 2 layers of 100% cotton fleese folded over twice to fit through the ric rac bands. All size inserts scan be bought seperately in packs of 4.

I find these pads very convenient, the liners are much less bulky to carry round than several all in one (AIO) pads and you don’t need a selection of sizes although once you get to three inserts the pad does get very bulky. They have a wide selection of prints and colours available at although this website is based in Canada so the postage may be a bit much, there is a UK based site for lunapads their print selection tends to be a bit more limited so if they don’t have one you want then try again in a couple of weeks. The fleece material used is very soft against your skin but a little warm if you’re likely to be one your feet all day like me (waitressing). The fact that the absorbent layers are separate makes them much easier to wash than the traditional AIO design pads and they dry quicker too which is useful if you’ve only got a few liners. A maxi pad with liner costs about £13.00 from so they are quite expensive but technically you shouldn’t need as many as you would AIO pads because you can use the same base pad for the whole day.

My favourite things about these pads are; the lack of baggage, inserts take up so much less space in a wet bag than AIO pads. The cool selection of prints, and the easy of washing and quickness of drying. Also being able to customise your own absorbency really appeals to me.

The things I like least about lunapads are; they’re not great for a heavy flow, because not only do the inserts stacked up get bulky but they tend to leak over the sides as the blood is not contained as it is with AIO pads. The price is probably the other main problem, considering the fabric is fairly low cost its hard to understand the high prices although this is one of the biggest cloth pad companies and so may have to put alot of money into advertising etc. Also the fleese is a little warm for my liking but someone lucky enough to have a job that doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity may not have this issue.

Overall these pads are convenient and come in many funky designs, would be a great choice if your flow is not too heavy and you don’t spend your daisy running around or someplace hot.

Below are my two 10 inch maxi pads with the ric rac.

photo 5


the back of my 10 inch Luna pads


photo 1 (3)


Luna pad thickness without inserts.


photo 3 (4)


Luna pad with one insert


photo 4 (4)


Luna pad with 2 inserts


photo 5 (1)


my 2 pantyliners and teen pantyliner in the middle

photo 1 (2)


back of the pantyliners

photo 2 (4)



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  1. Marie permalink

    Detailed review but for some reason I don’t like the sound of a liner and inserts though they do seem to be popular with the online community.

    • to be honest since trying many more styles since writing this review i find that i prefer the all in one styles better, lunapads are very professional but they can get bulky and while changing a liner is more discreet than changing a whole pad, the liners arent very absorbent so you’re likely to be changing them more often than you would an all in one pad. i only really use these pads for travelling now, hope this helps 🙂

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