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Meluna menstrual cup review 2013

April 9, 2013


Meluna cup is the second menstrual cup I tried, it is different from most other cups in that instead of being made from medical grade silicone it is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is medically safe just as silicone is and has gone through various tests to ensure it is appropriate for vaginal use, all the information on the TPE MeLuna use is available from their website

The cup is sent with a large purple microfibre bag/pouch and an instruction leaflet in several languages.

This is a brand that offers ALOT of choices. They have 6 different sizes, 4 different stem style options, a whole bunch of different colours (including a glitter cup), and are the only cup company I know of which offers their cups in 3 different stiffnesses; classic (the original stiffness), soft (25% softer than classic for women who are more sensitive or who have issues with cups pressing on the bladder etc), and sport (25% stiffer than classic for sporty women with stronger pelvic floor muscles).

The sizes are:

The Minis: the minis have a pointier bottom than the regular sizes and do the classic and the soft style but not the stiffer sport style.


Mini Small: diameter 40mm, length without stem 40mm, capacity to brim 15ml, capacity to holes 10ml

Mini medium: diameter 45mm, length without stem 45mm, capacity to brim 21ml, capacity to holes 15ml

Regulars: available with all stem types colours and stiffnesses.

Regular Small: diameter 38mm, length without stem 45mm, capacity to brim 23ml, capacity to holes 15ml

Regular medium: diameter 41mm, length without stem 48mm, capacity to brim 28ml, capacity to holes 20ml

Regular large: diameter 44mm, length without stem 51mm, capacity to brim 34ml, capacity to holes 24ml

Regular extra large: diameter 47mm, length without stem 56mm, capacity to brim 42ml, capacity to holes 30ml

I’m not sure if the capacity to the holes really matters as the holes in most cups aren’t big enough that water or blood would flood out.

Stem styles, left to right; basic (no stem), original stem, flat ball, ring


There is so much choice it would difficult not to find a size and style that suits you!

The one which I tried was a classic style size large with an original stem. I chose the large size as I was looking for something with a higher capacity than my uk mooncup (15ml) and as the mooncup’s diameter is only 1 mm smaller than the large meluna I thought this would be a good fit.

The meluna cup has a much less pronounced rim than the uk moon cup which I finds makes it a bit more comfortable. It has only two 2mm holes near to the rim as a opposed to the more common 4, I found that for me this made it more difficult to create a seal but for someone who finds the suction on other cups a bit strong then I suppose this would be ideal. The body of the MeLuna is only very slightly less stiff than the rim, i found this made it easier to break the seal by only pinching the bottom of the cup however i could feel the cup there the whole time it was in which was a bit disconcerting after using the Mooncup which i often forgot was in. There are three grip rings towards the base of the cup which are very helpful for removal, but the original stem I had was quite stiff and even though it was about the right length for me I ended up trimming it off completely, I would probably go for the ball stem next time. TPE doesnt seem to have as much ‘bounce’ as silicone, when i removed my Meluna after several hours the rim had become fixed in an oval shape and still is now so i’m not sure if TPE is as suited to mentrual cup purposes as silicone although the soft MeLuna’s might be better.

In general I found the TPE a lot stiffer than the silicone of the mooncup and despite it only being 1mm wider I could feel it the whole time it was in, I would probably either get the medium classic or the large in the soft stiffness next time but its nice that there are so many options if your first cup is not perfect and as they retail at about £12 they’re almost half the price of most of the menstrual cups on the market.

Best things about this cup are; the variety! The colours, the sizes, the stiffnesses, the stems, there’s nothing more you could ask for. The price! Really good value.

Least favourite things; the holes, however I did end up buying a 2mm hole punch and putting 2 extra holes in which fixed the suction issue. The stiffness but of course I could get the soft large and it wouldn’t have that problem !

MeLuna have so many options it makes them difficult to review unless you’ve tried them all! But if you’re after a wide choice and very good value then MeLuna are a good way to go.

You can buy meluna from their website or from or and probably from a few other online retailers too.


My friend gave me her small MeLuna soft in cyan blue as it was a bit too small for her (don’t worry I sterilized it) I actually really like it, its definitely noticeably softer than the klassic and the Lunette though probably not quite as soft as the bottom of the Mooncup UK.


This is my original clear coloured large klassic MeLuna, and the small cyan blue MeLuna soft, the smaller size made it easier to pop open although the softness took some getting used to, I still had issues with creating a seal so i used to 2mm hole punch to put 2 more holes in as i had with the larger size and this fixed the problem. I also cant feel it while it’s inside at all, whether its because it’s smaller than my other one or because its softer i’m not sure. The stem doesn’t bother me on the small as it did on the large, I think because it further in and so doesn’t irritate the more sensitive area? Overall this is a much better fit for me and I plan to use it to wear around when my period is due as it is slightly less bulky and therefore gentler on pre-period vagina.


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  1. Excellent post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!

    • I’ll try to elaborate, was there anything specific you’d like to know more about? p.s sorry for the late reply, wordpress dumped your comment straight in spam for some reason so I didn’t know I had it untill today 😦

  2. Highland fletch permalink

    I just came across mention of a m cup for the first time today in an article. I had never heard of them before. Leakage is a problem for me and I always have to wear some kind of pad along with a tampin, just to be safe. How reliable have you found cups to be against leakage compared to tampons?

    • I hated tampons from the begining but the times i worn one i also had the same leaking issues as you and had to wear a pad too. I have only ever had one major leak with a cup and that was on my second day of trying one for the first time and I was still learning. Other than that i just wear black underwear and have never needed more protection than that although i do wear a cloth pantyliner on the first couple of night or on hectic work days just in case. Cups are much comfier than tampons and much better for your body, and most women report having to empty their cup less often then they had to change a tampon. Leaking with cups usually only happens if the cup has not opened properly, not formed a seal, or just not been emptied in time,the first two tend to only happen when you’re still learning to use the cup, the second can happen to anyone but as long as you remember to empty it regularly and get the right cup for your body then you should not experience leaking. I usually recommend Lunette cup or Fleurcup for first timers as I found them the easiest to use, but if you like the MeLuna then I would say the best way to avoid leaks is to get the klassic stiffness just for ease of learning as its easier to get open and create a seal than the soft style, and get the right size, small/medium for under 30s/childless or large/xlarge for over 30s/women who’ve given birth. Some cup brands it doesn’t matter so much but Meluna works best this way. I’ve waffled a bit here so I’ll stop now, hope this helps! If you need anymore info/advice feel free to comment again 🙂

  3. Anna permalink

    Thank you very much for your detailed post. I’m thinking about getting a Meluna and your experience is very helpful. 🙂
    However, I am wondering about your issue with the holes. How do the holes affect the seal? Do you mean that it is more difficult to put the cup in the correct position because of the smaller number of holes, or do you experience leakage while wearing?

    • Thank you 🙂 only having 2 holes made it harder for air to get in, if when the cup is inserted and there is no air on the other side then the cup cannot open as there is no air to fill it if that makes sense? Kind of like a vacuum, and when it did eventually open the suction was SUPER strong and a bit painful, so I found that with 4 holes there was more air flow and the cup opened easier and had a less intense suction. I hope that helps, I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation but I’m not educated enough to explain properly 🙂

  4. Anna permalink

    Thanks for your reply! I think I got your point now. Because of the few holes it is difficult to get the cup open and when it finally opens up, the suction is too strong.
    Somewhere else I have read that it can help to make sure one hole is positioned in the middle of the fold you create before putting the cup inside. This can help let the air flow through this very hole while opening up.

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