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Honor Your Flow Review 2013

April 4, 2013


This is the first of my cloth menstrual pad reviews, I have chosen Honour Your Flow because they are one of the better know British producers of cloth pads, and they have a variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics to choose from. First things first their website is  the pads are made individually by hand in the UK by WAHM’s and come in 6 different sizes

Mini pads – pantyliners for very light flow

Regular pads – light flow

Maxi pads – regular flow

Maxi long pads – slightly higher absorbency than maxi pads due to their slightly increased length

Mega pads – heavy flow

Night pads – contoured to cover a wider area for lying down positions

the mini pads and regular pads also have a choice between UK clothes sizes, there is a size for dress size 8 – 14 and size for dress sizes 14 – 20 i find this very useful being quite petite its nice to have the pads tailored to your size.

they also come in several different styles,

Round – wings cover more which helps keep the pad in place and catches any side overflow


Slim – has a slimmer gusset width which may help alleviate chaffing


Square – gives even coverage for the whole pad


Night/mega contoured to be wider and longer so you’re covered what ever position you lie in, or for whatever you’re doing.


Postpartum or night: with a pocket for crushed ice and space for extra absorbency inserts its flared at the back to give the best possible coverage.


The fabrics:

They have pads in a range of different fabrics most are organic and as many as possible are fair trade. these fabrics include:

Bamboo Fleece – more absorbent than cotton, naturally antibacterial, and very soft.

Bamboo Velour – as absorbent and antibacterial as bamboo fleece but softer and slightly thicker.

Organic Cotton Fleese – very soft and breathable, this fabric comes from a Fairtrade company in Egypt.

Polyester Fleece – only ever used as a backing for pads to go against the underwear and help stop the pad moving  around. It is not a natural fabric but it is breathable and water resistant.

PUL – Polyurethane laminate is a thin waterproof fabric which is put in some of the maxi and mega pads as extra protection against leaks.

Wool – used as a waterproof backing which is less waterproof than PUL but it is natural and just as water resistant as polyester fleece though slightly more expensive.

My favourite things about these pads: Choice! There are so many styles, sizes, and fabrics that you’d be hard pressed not to find something you like. Ethics, made by WAHM’s with fabric which is organic or fairtrade as often as possible they really care about the environment as well as women’s health and comfort.

Least favourite aspects: While the bamboo inner cores are naturally anti bacterial and sustainable the do take a long time to dry, this doesn’t matter so much if you have a machine dryer in which case typing can dry them on low for about an hour and they’ll be fine, but I have to air dry mine and considering its not very warm in the UK it takes and 2 or 3 days for them to fully dry.

Thats pretty much the only downside 🙂 theyre really great pads and super comfy, Theyre available from or or there are probably a few other sellers out there just type honour your flow into google.


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  1. Marie permalink

    Placed my 1st cloth order with HYF. Just waiting for them to arrive 🙂 Very descriptive review. Love the section on your absorbency test as not read any other reviews which talk about that which is far more insightful.

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