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My First Cup, Moon Cup (UK)

March 31, 2013


This is my first menstrual cup review, for those of you who have never heard of menstrual cups they are small, and usually made of silicone, they are inserted into the vagina, they stay in place by using gentle suction and the natural muscles in the vaginal walls. Instead of soaking up the blood like a tampon they catch the blood, which you then pour down the sink, rinse the cup out (or wipe with toilet paper if using public facilities) and reinsert.

Pros of menstrual cups:

– they usually hold at least as much blood as a super tampon (15 ml) usually more.

– they do not suck the natural moisture from your vagina as a tampon does

– they have never been associated with TSS (toxic shock syndrome)

– It is safe to leave them in for up to 12 hours (they will leak if your flow is too heavy and you leave it in too long though.)

– they can be sterilized and the medical grade silicone they are made of is safe and has no chemicals which absorb into the body, unlike tampons and pads.

– they last between 5 – 10 years with proper care.

– they eliminate the need to carry a stash of ‘just in case’ tampons or pads around with you and you no longer have to sneak a pad/tampon into your pocket when you need to change it at work or while out.

– they are much better for the environment than tampons and pads.

– many women (myself included) find that their periods become shorter, lighter, and less painful after using menstrual cups and to a lesser extent cloth pads for a few cycles. Mine used to be 7 days long with the first 3 days being very heavy and painful, now it is only 4 days and although fairly heavy the first couple of days the cramps are all but gone, maybe a twinge here and there on the first day but that’s it!


– you cannot use them during sex as you can with tampons.

– virgins may find them painful to use. But I have seen many reviews on menstrual cups from virgins and young teenaged girls who seem to have no problem with them.

So, on to the review. The Moon Cup (UK) is made in the UK and has 2 sizes A and B. A is for women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally, the diameter is 46mm, 50 mm in length, and the capacity is between 15 and 20 ml (up to the holes) size B in 43mm in diameter, 50 mm in length, and holds up to 15 ml. I use the small size as I have never given birth and am also under 30. The Mooncup (UK) comes with instructions in several languages and an organic cotton carry bag.


The Mooncup has a stiff and pronounced rim which helps with “popping open” once inserted. It has 8 pin sized holes around the underside of the lower part of the rim angled upwards diagonally from the outside, this helps with a reliable but gentle suction although holes this small are prone to clogging so you do have to spend the time to make sure each one is properly clear. The lower part of the cup is made of a softer silicone which makes it comfortable, I can’t feel my mooncup at all once its inserted. The cup has 2 measuring lines on the inside, mine are at 6 ml and 12 ml, the larger cup may have different markers, these help you understand your flow and what’s normal for you, this information can be especially useful in gynaecological appointments. The stem is stiff and hollow with grip rings which help with removal.

My favourite things about this cup are: the measuring lines not just for medical reasons but out of general interest, the stiff rim of the cup which really helps it pop open, the ethics of the company that makes them.

My least liked things about this cup are: the pin holes as they’re difficult to get properly clean and if they aren’t cleaned properly the suction will not hold up and causes leaks, the capacity has been an issue for me it is one of the lower capacity cups on the market and I found that on my heaviest days I had to empty it a every 2 hours which wasn’t very convenient for work. Saying that I did have an unusually heavy flow and a woman with a more average to light flow would obviously not have this issue.

Overall I do love this cup and still use it on my lighter days, its UK made and so much better than tampons. I used this cup exclusively for a year and only had one incident of serious overflow which was on the second day of using it. I would happily recommend this cup the someone with a light to medium flow.

Mooncup UK can be bought from their website from larger Boots stores in the UK, from and and probably from many other online retailers.

Just adding some of my own photos (be aware that I trimmed my stem, a new cup would have a longer, neater stem.

photo 4 (7)



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